Areas оf practice

Our skills and experience

Our practice includes drafting new and reviewing existing contracts and agreements. We also conduct legal audits. Furthermore, our firm advises and assists its clients in mergers and acquisitions, litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Our lawyers also act as expert witnesses on issues of Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Uzbek law and practice (court and arbitration proceedings). These are primarily designed for proceedings in the EU. Not infrequently, there is a sense in EU (and other Western) courts is that legal scholars or practitioners from the former Soviet Union countries are not always free to express their opinion on some legal controversies. The same can be said for arbitrators from these jurisdictions in international commercial arbitration tribunals. For these reasons, Western lawyers with sound knowledge of the law and practice of the region are usually engaged to provide opinions to the judge or arbitrator(s). The underlying assumption in that they are drafted free of any undue influence.

In addition to preparing expert opinions, our lawyers also assist in legal reform and privatization efforts in transition countries. Generally, these are within the framework of technical-assistance projects sponsored by national, regional, or international donor organizations.

We also advise and assist our clients in matters regarding transport law and corporate law. Intellectual property law, dispute resolution and public-private partnerships are also part of our package of skills and experience.