About you

Who are you?

You are most likely an entrepreneur, a business person in a small or medium-sized firm with major responsibilities in the region. Or you may be in-house legal counsel for such a firm or a boutique law-firm professional seeking additional advice in a matter involving Dutch, International, or East European law. Large, transnational corporations will usually have their own in-house counsel who often will maintain close relationships with law firms having offices in several jurisdictions. When you fit this corporate or law-firm profile and wish a second opinion on a specific matter, we would also be pleased to work with you.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, associated with a large business or law firm – or anywhere in between – you will be searching for a workable solution for your business-law needs in the region. It may be to:

  • start-up or liquidate a (client’s) business unit;
  • obtain advice on tax law or other elements in structuring a one-off deal or a recurring transaction;
  •  involve an outside legal professional in your (client’s) negotiations with businesspeople or government officials to ensure the completeness of your advice and representation;
  • secure advice or representation in resolving disputes in state (commercial) court or international commercial arbitration;
  • enforce a court decision or arbitration award or obtain security for interim proceedings.

You will want international business-law advice and representation to be focused on your (client’s) current business and future goals; to achieve a fair result in the case at hand and in related matters. You will expect to be advised and represented by people with meaningful experience in international business law to provide you with these services at a fair price.The professionals in the Timmermans & Simons International Business Lawyers team have these skills and experience; their services are fairly priced.